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Technology Day

PrésentationTranscript* Titre de la Présentation
pdfState of Technip, Thierry Pilenko
pdfAn Integrated Energy Perspective, Bain & Company, Jorge Leis
pdfTechnip Onshore: Delivering Technological Projects, Nello Uccelletti
pdfTechnip Stone & Webster Process Technology, Stan Knez
pdfEthylene Industry Worldwide, IHS Inc., Mark Eramo
pdfShale Gas and Ethylene: Implications of Increased NGL Production, HSB Solomon Associates LLC, Claire Cagnolatti
pdfTechnip: A Wider Ethylene Offering, Jean-Paul Laugier
pdfQ&A Session
pdfTechnip Technology Day Transcript, HSB Solomon Associates, Claire Cagnolatti
pdfTechnip Technology Day Transcript, Bain & Company, Jorge Leis
pdfTechnip Technology Day Transcript, IHS Inc., Mark Eramo